Material Cutting

Machines from the company BYSTRONIC are made for production of burnouts with high accuracy and small heath influence in the place of cutting, it gives us opportunity to cut very small holes into hard metal sheets with pulse cutts.

Laser Bystar Fiber 4020

Laser Bystar Fiber 4020

  • max. 4000 x 2000mm
  • max. Fe – 25mm, Ak – 30mm, Al – 30mm
  • max. Messing – 15mm
  • max. Copper – 12mm

Laser BYSTRONIC 3015

Laser BYSTRONIC 3015

  • max. 3000 x 1500mm
  • max. Fe – 25mm, Ak – 20mm, Al – 12mm

CNC pásová píla

CNC belt saw

  • max Φ320mm

Klasická pásová píla

Classic belt saw

  • max. Φ270mm