We offer not just bending but also we offer solving of bending of complicated multiple bends, which lead to easier and cheaper realization in production for the customer. Our machines are characterized of high constant angle accuracy achieved by CNC programming. Our machines also allows you to process parts with longer sides thanks to open space on the edges. Another advantage of these machines is high accuracy on points by measuring even with thin metal sheets.

Ohraňovací lis SAFAN

Press brake machine SAFAN

  • 170 ton
  • max. 4000mm

Ohraňovací lis TRUMPH TRUBEND

Press brake machine TRUMPH TRUBEND

  • 135 ton
  • max. 3500mm


Press brake machine TRUMPH TRUMABEND

  • 85 ton
  • max. 2500mm

Lis na matice a skrutky PRIMA INSERTER MAXI 450/8

Press machine for nuts and screws PRIMA INSERTER MAXI 450/8

Zakružovačky profilov

Curling of profiles

Zakružovačky plechov Zakružovačky plechov

Curling of metal sheets

  • 10 x 2000
  • 4 x 2000
  • 3 x 1000
  • 3,5 x 1000